If you’re a lifelong fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, the Megadrive and all things Sega, then you might want to check out the Sega Payday Sale taking place now. Head over to Sega’s online UK store to browse for yourself. Confusingly, even irritatingly, not everything on the sale page actually seems to have money off. Items like this great froggy t-shirt and this hideous woolly Sonic hat are on the Sega Payday Sale listings but seemingly without a discount. To hit free delivery you’d need to spend £50 so it’s easy to just start throwing stuff in a basket. As with all sales, then, its best to avoid impulse buys and focus on the stuff you’d want on any normal day.

Any assortment of videogame merchandise is a mixed bag. Sega’s UK merch store is definitely better than some. This is likely because its main demographic are a little older, fueled by nostalgia. The  website has long has a pretty good selection. Ranging from gifts inspired by modern titles through to items based on their oldest franchises. The other side of the coin is that there’s still quite a lot of useless and overpriced items on there. Take this Streets of Rage key-ring as an example. At its £5 sale price I still wouldn’t exactly call it cheap. But, its ‘full’ price of £8 was pretty extortionate for a key-ring. This isn’t a particular criticism of this store – its pretty normal.

The best things on sale are undoubtedly the t-shirts. Whereas no one needs a Sonic the Hedgehog candle holder or a monochrome plastic fox, almost all of us wear clothes. Sega’s UK store has an impressive array of retro-inspired t-shirts on offer, many of which are in the Sega Payday sale. Dreamcast fan? Commemorate your love for Sega’s final console with this reduced hoodie. Where else are you going to find a Golden Axe t-shirt for £7.99. There’s even a couple of Streets of Rage shirts to get you in the mood for Streets of Rage 4. Its a nice opportunity to find a shirt that shows your love of retro games for a reasonable price.