Last month I finally got around to watching Netflix original series Shadowhunters, and I was decidedly unimpressed. In the wake of that disapointment I set about discovering whether season two was set to be any better. As it happens Freeform held a New York Comic Con panel for Shadowhunters last month, during which several revelations about the new series were made. where a number of revelations were made. The network announced that Shadowhunters Season 2 will premiere on Monday 2nd January, and released a trailer for season two


While the trailer for the season certainly offers up some intriguing new dynamics – Jace working for the ‘other side’, Clary’s mother back in play and a clear source of tension, Alec firmly back in Jace’s corner after their issues in season one and, as a result, clashing with his own family… but I can’t help feel this is all flash and little substance for the sake of the trailer.

Misrepresenting The Facts?

For one thing, Jace didn’t join Valentine because he agreed with his ethos and suddenly wanted to switch sides. He was all set to kill the guy but it became apparent that most of the people he cared about would die if he did.

So he made a trade – he’d go with Valentine, if Clary and their friends were spared.

Yeah, he’s standing at his side, but he didn’t exactly end up there of his own free will. He made a deal. So painting him as the new bad guy and setting up whether or not they’re going to kill Jace as the main point of tension for the season just doesn’t quite sit right with me.

It’s not going to be that. It’s going to be the young generation (plus Magnus) doing everything to get Jace back after he saved them and the old ones trying to destroy Valentine no matter the cost – even if the cost is Jace.

Collateral damage and the ends justifying the means is not the same as ‘Jace is the new bad guy’.

Trailer Trickery…

I’m always wary of trailers that try so hard to give one impression when there is evidence that contradicts it. It reminds me starkly of the many trailers I used to see for episodes of Star Trek: Voyager that cherry picked a couple of scenes from an episode and turned it into an action packed romp of life and death when in fact it was nothing of the kind.

This trailer has the same feel – it’s trying too hard to portray something that I’m not at all sure can be true. Which begs the question: is this really what the season is going to be about, or is the season not really about anything in particular?

That was the issue with Voyager – there wasn’t enough substance to interest people so they made it out to be something it wasn’t.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong in this fear and season two of Shadowhunters turns out to be a vast improvement on season one, but so far… well…the hints released by Freeform about the season premier did little to allay my concerns. The world is in upheaval after the events of the season 2 finale, Valentine and The Circle is growing ever more powerful, our young Shadowhunters are becoming disillusioned with The Clave in the face of their reaction to Jace’s departure and Valentine’s apparent victory, loyalties will be tested.

So far I’m underwhelmed.

This may be largely due to the fact season one did little if anything to make me care about the characters, which is quite an achievement since I LOVED the books.

One redeeming feature the season has going for it is that Paul Wesley, of The Vampire Diaries, will be directing an episode. Whether he’ll do as well behind the camera as he does in front is questionable but it will, if nothing else, be interesting to see the results!

 Are you looking forward to the new season? Did you totally love season one and are sitting there seething at me for criticising it? Pop a comment down below and let me know!!