Smash Bros fans are once again spreading rumours on which fan-favourite characters might be heading to the game. Last week saw the reveal of the final character in the current wave of DLC. The news came with the added detail that 6 more characters are currently planned to be added. Naturally, this is all the encouragement Smash Bros fans needed to return to the rumour mill to speculate as to who these 6 might be.

Out of the most prominent rumours comes from a Smash Bros ‘leaker’. According to them, the first character we should see is Crash Bandicoot. Given Crash’s recent return to relevance this inclusion would make sense. With remakes of two classics appearing on the Switch, it certainly seems like Crash and Mario are pals now. If we’re talking high-profile third party characters, there’s not many more plausible.

With the upcoming release of Doom: Eternal, ‘Doomguy’ remains a popular target for Smash Bros fans. If Crash is a candidate because he’s popular, Doomguy is because they don’t come much more iconic. Smash Bros has represented a lot of different genres, but a first person shooter characters and stage opens up a lot of possibilities. This video from GameXplain makes it clear why you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

There’s still a few old Smash Bros favourites doing the round. Smash Bros Ultimate, and past DLC, made a lot of fans’ dreams come true. Long-requested characters like King K Rool, Cloud Strife, Street Fighter’s Ryu, Simon Belmont and Banjo Kazooie joined the fray. Oh, and Ridley (even though he was too big). Smash Bros fans are rightly anticipating some other old requests to make the cut. We’re talking the likes of magic puppet Geno from The Super Mario RPG and twin-swordsman Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia. I’d expect surprises.