For those Sonic fans waiting on the new remaster compilation of the first four Sonic games then it is out now. However, the prevailing advice is to read the reviews before you buy. The game has had a rocky launch. Some praise the game and say that the titles included have been well remastered and that the new content and modes are enjoyable. However, others complain about the inclusion of downloadable content and the lack of any real advancement in the classic sonic games in the move to current gen consoles.

Sonic Origins does add some new modes and content but some reviewers and gamers feel that those additions do not justify the price tag. The removal of all previous remasters from sale has further angered some fans, as getting old remasters for a fairer price is no longer an option. Does this make Sonic Origins a greedy cash grab or were the previous versions just taken down as a way to regain the development costs? Right now opinions seem to differ. I, personally, will be waiting for the price to drop before giving this title a go. Paying £30 for a few new modes, a few short animations and few classic Sonic game ports does not represent value for money, to me. However, value is subjective so it’s for everyone to make their own choices.

The complication is releasing on all current and last gen consoles as well as for PC and Switch. Feel free to check out the trailer above if you are interested.