During their Playstation Showcase event, Sony revealed two new Marvel games in development. Spider-Man 2 might not be a big surprise after how well the previous game was received but the Wolverine game also revealed wasn’t as expected. Feel free to read on for the trailers and what little information is available for each.

Marvels Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 has been confirmed a PS5 exclusive and is due for release in 2023. So there’s no need to rush and get a PS5 to play it on just yet. Both Peter Parker and Miles Morales have been confirmed to be continuing their adventures in this title along with the new villain for this title and fan favourite, Venom. As with the last title, it has been confirmed that the game will continue to follow both characters’ personal journeys as well as their superhero journeys. There will be new abilities to use and new suits to wear.

Marvels Wolverine

Less details have been revealed on the Wolverine title as it is reportedly still very early in development. It has been revealed as a standalone game and is in production by the team behind Spider-Man: Mile Morales. What has so far been promised is an emotional narrative and cutting edge gameplay, which isn’t awash with specifics. Still this title seems one to watch.