With Halloween just around the corner you might be looking for a few seasonal chills. Below is a small selection of new indie games for all your spooky needs:

Dark Crypt โ€“ Out Now

A Turn base puzzle game with pixel graphics. This game released on the 15th and already has some great reviews praising the game play mechanics, level design and puzzles. The levels give plenty of challenge later on but also include an undo option, in case you get deep into a level and make a mistake. If you are looking for a more chill and relaxing horror themed experience then this might just be the game for you.

You can download a free trial here.

Occult โ€“ Early Access

First person psychological horror game which has recently released in early access. The game has up to four online co-op players completing quests in cursed locations with multiple endings. With the title still being in early access there is only one location complete but reviews are already good with players enjoying the game play and jump scares. While there is a solo option the current reports are that it is very hard to beat alone, so itโ€™s best to bring some friends.

Feel free to check out the steam page here.

Gravewood High โ€“ Releasing October 20th

This game is due to release in early access on 20th October and is a single player, stealth, horror game where you explore a changing school environment. The aim is to avoid the teacher, who gets more powerful as the game progresses, while attempting to escape the school. The layout of the school changes each time you fail. With this game not yet released there are no reviews to indicate if this title lives up to its promises but it does look like an interesting title.

Feel free to check out the steam page here.