Aurora Award-winning author Edward Willett is back with Star Song, a star-spanning young adult science fiction adventure inspired by the classic works of Robert A. Heinlein and Andre Norton.

When the old woman who raised him in a remote village is murdered, Kriss Lemarc finds himself alone on a planet where he’ll always be an outsider. His only link to his long-dead, unknown parents is the touchlyre they bequeathed him, a strange instrument that not only plays music but pours his innermost feelings into the minds of his listeners.

When Tevera, a girl of the space-going, nomadic Family, hears Kriss perform, she is drawn to him against her better judgment and the rules of her people. With her help, though mistrusted and even hated by some of her comrades, Kriss seeks to discover the origin of the touchlyre, the fate of his parents, and a place where he truly belongs.

But the touchlyre proves to be more than just a musical oddity. Powerful, ruthless people will stop at nothing to get it—and Kriss and Tevera are all that stand in their way.

Published by Shadowpaw Press (, Star Song is now available. The cover is by Dan O’Driscoll.

About the Author:

Edward Willett ( is the author of more than sixty books of science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction for readers of all ages. Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Willett won the Aurora Award (Canada’s top science-fiction award) for Best Long-Form Work in English for his 2009 novel Marseguro (DAW Books). He’s also won a Saskatchewan Book Award, and has been shortlisted for these and other awards many times. His eleventh novel for DAW Books, The Moonlit World, came out last year and his twelfth, a humorous space opera entitled The Tangled Stars, is due out in 2022. Willett hosts The Worldshapers podcast (, featuring interviews with other science fiction and fantasy authors about the creative process.