You might think Star Trek is happening on TV, in the movie theaters and at conventions. Far from that. In the Scenic City Opera Star Trek meets classical music. Mozart’s “The Abduction from the Seraglio” is being told as a Star Trek episode, in two Acts.

The opera premiered in 2014 at the Illinois Music Festival, the reception being so good that Director Josh Shaw started his own production of it in Los Angeles, with his own company, Pacific Opera Project. And now, 2015, the Star Trek opera has found its way to Chattanooga.

It is Stardate 14-20-27. On the planet Anigav, Starfleet Lieutenants Constanze, Blonde and Pedrillo have been captured and enslaved by the Klingon leader, Chancellor Selim. Captain Belmonte beams down on the planet to work out a plan to rescue his lost crew members. The captain is secretly in love with Constanze, who is Chancellor Selim’s favourite. The Klingon courts the Lieutenant, but doesn’t want to force himself on her. With Pedrillo’s help, the Captain is introduced to the Chancellor as a promising mechanic, that might be able to restore the power of the Birds of Prey.

Lt. Blonde and Pedrillo work out an escape plan. They give drugged Romulan Ale to the Klingon head of the guards, and all four (Belmonte, Constanze, Pedrillo and Blonde) meet outside  the beaming shield. Unfortunately, there is a problem with their transponders and Osmin, not hung over enough to not realize what is going on, captures them and takes them back to Chancellor Selim. The chancellor is furious and Belmonte offers his life in exchange of the life of his crew.

The opera will be sung in English, and Scenic City Opera promises plenty of vocal fireworks and tongue in cheek comedy, making the event the perfect opera for first-timers. The play will only be performed from June 11th until Sunday, June 14th), so this is your one chance to boldly go where only few have gone before – the opera. Scenic City Opera is offering special discounts for costumed visitors, so this is not only your opportunity to embrace your inner love for Trek and opera, but also to show off your cosplay character.