After the raging success of the première of Renegades in the US, we have great news for Renegades’ fans all over the world. While CBS at the moment cannot move forward with Renegades – or any other Star Trek series – Renegades will continue as an independent Internet series. The goal is to produce a monthly episode.

The next two episodes will be financed via crowdfunding, though a different funding concept is in the making for the later episodes.

Renegades is set 10 years after Voyager returns home, therefore stars from TNG, DS9 and VOY can join the crew. Right now you have the chance to make a wish: join Renegades on Facebook and vote for your favourite Alumni from Star Trek to be approached to join the Renegades cast.

And for all who didn’t have the chance to see the pilot of ‘Star Trek: Renegades’, listen up! A few hours ago, they have announced the release of the pilot for tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more news here at the SFFN, at Star Trek: Renegades and on Facebook.