A year ago, a crew of young enthusiastic fans released the fan-film Revan, based on the Star Wars book of the same name written by Drew Karpyshyn. Revan is an important character from the Old Republic era (about 3000 years before the events of the original trilogy), whose story first appeared in the fan-beloved Knights of the Old Republic computer game. Many fans (yours truly included) consider the story and all characters appearing in it – Revan included – one of the best Star Wars tales outside the classic films, whose spirit and themes keep still very close to the original universe.

The Limitless Productions has managed to bring Revan to life in their former fan-film, which was also very well received by the community. After some time, the filmmakers decided to bring Revan back for another story and try to make the next film much more professional than the first one. In their own words from their Kickstarter page:

At this point in time, we have all branched off into our own professional careers, as composers, cinematographers, actors, directors, etc. So, we thought: “Wouldn’t it be amazing to come back together and make a new fan film, this time with viscerally higher quality?”

Here’s the thing – we never thought the first “Revan” was of especially high quality ourselves (we made it when we were kids!) So now, years later, as professional artists in our own respective fields, we have decided to come together, reach out to the best people we know, and shoot “Revan: The Fall”. (non-profit fan film)

The new Revan film will focus specifically on the events aboard the Star Forge, where Revan encounters his old apprentice, Darth Malak. It is therefore meant to be a prequel of sorts to the first Revan fan-film. Everyone who is familiar with the lore knows how epic and important moment of Revan’s story this is, and if you just look at the teaser, you’ll know you want to see it.

The filmmakers are running a Kickstarter campaign to get the funding necessary for them to begin filming. The film’s budget is expected to be five times bigger than that of the original Revan, but its quality is supposed to reflect it. This being a non-profit, fan-made film, whether the film will actually be made or not depends entirely on other fans’ contribution. The creators are also looking for more skilled hands that could help with visual effects in post-production.

You can check out more about the film and its makers on the Kickstarter page, their facebook or on the film’s site (careful, if you are not familiar with the original story of Knights of the Old Republic, you may run into some spoilers). And, to see where they are coming from, you can also watch the original Revan fan-film. Just bear in mind, if you wish to contribute to the new film, that the campaign is running only until the end of May. So for all die-hard KOTOR fans, pile up and help making this come true.