I often comment how steampunk activities all come down to the great people involved.

There are the people with the drive and motivation who step up and make things happen. They create our small local events, and ongoing local social groups and airships, as well as the larger events like concerts, vendor events, and conventions. Without these people leading the social charge, many of us would never meet in person. We’d all still be only online in forums and social media.

There are the content creators, artists, makers, and musicians who bring some amazing creativity to life. We have ongoing blogs, interviews, articles, and discussions forums to keep us informed and connected. From them, we also get to see, and emulate, some spectacular props and artwork. The music of our community is as varied as it was in the 1800s, and there’s something to entertain everyone.

All of these things bring us together as a community, one where it’s easy to start a conversation, and make new connections, and ultimately make new friends.

All of us have great stories after an event where we stayed in touch with people via social media, or met again at the next event. Our community is global, and it’s not a difficult thing through modern technology to reach out to others and meet new people with similar interests.

It might be emails, or instant messages and texts, it might be afternoon tea with visitors from out of town. It might be endless temptation of tea, cheese, chocolate, and late night chats. However we express it, the steampunk community is so rewarding in so many ways.

Thanks to all of you for your warmth, support, and friendship. It’s always fun to chat with you at events, and to exchange emails all throughout the year.

Repeating my parting remarks at Steampunk Invasion 2014:

Be who you are. Do what you do. Encourage each other.

Support the community.