Claire Powell has just told us that The Mechanisms, the seven-piece steampunk space pirate band, will be providing their unique brand of musical storytelling at Nine World Geekfest 2016, London’s Inclusive Multi-Genre Fan Convention, on Friday 12th August at the Novotel West, Hammersmith from 6:45pm – 7:45pm. The storytelling space-pirate folk/prog-rock band will be recording a live version of their fourth album ‘The Bifrost Incident’, at the event. A studio recording is set to follow, funded via an ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

The group comprises:

Jonny d’Ville, First Mate: Vox, harmonica

Ashes O’Reilly, Quartermaster: Electric bass, vox

DrumBot Brian, Pilot: Percussion, accordion, banjo, guitar, vox

Gunpowder Tim, Gunner: Guitar, vox

Raphaella la Cognizi, Science Officer: Piano, vox

Marius von Raum, Medic: Fiddle, mandolin, vox

Ivy Alexandria, Archivist/Navigator: Flute, recorder, euphonium, trumpet

Not to forget Aurora, the Vessel

Tickets for Nine Worlds Geekfest, including entry to the Mechanisms gig, are available in advance from Nine Worlds at £50 (adult day rate) or £17.00 (child day rate). There may be tickets available on the door, but this cannot be guaranteed. Tickets to the whole weekend convention (12-14th August) are available for £115 (adult weekend rate) or £38 (child weekend rate).