Supergirl — “Damage” — SPG305a_0030.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers and Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Damage sees the end of Alex and Maggie as they decide their futures are heading in two separate directions. After Alex declares they can no longer be together, the pair begin to pack up Maggie’s belongings. But end up falling into each other’s arms again which makes their separation even more heartbreaking.

The episode starts off with them already in their break-up phase which is confusing at first. We almost have no time to accept that Alex has already spoken to Maggie about wanting children. It’s a big leap from the last episode and this jump doesn’t continue the story arc much at all.

It’s fitting that the title of this episode is ‘Damage’ because the loss of Alex and Maggie’s relationship is going to have a severely damaging impact upon the show and Alex’s development.

Poisoned Mind

Elsewhere, Lena is framed for a series of lead poisoning which have affected a large proportion of children in National City. Kara and Samantha prove themselves as Lena’s true friends as they investigate the source of the poisoning. This results in the discovery that Morgan Edge has intentionally been adding lead to the chlorine of a swimming pool where the affected children swim.

The theme surrounding the episode title recurs when Lena is emotionally damaged after she blames herself for the lead poisoning. She gives a public speech to the citizens of National City and admirably steps down from CatCo whilst she is investigated.

Katie McGrath portrays a vulnerable and emotionally distraught Lena with confidence and a subtle nuance. She brings a mixture of warmth and coldness as Kara tries to persuade her she is not like her Luthor family.

Guilty Faces

The revelation that Morgan Edge is behind Lena’s framing is far too predictable to add any substance to the episode. His motivation is not surprising and doesn’t do much for his character apart from prove he needs to have his butt kicked by Supergirl.

The script lacks clear character development as some of Alex and Maggie’s dialogue feels like it’s been forced upon them. But, Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima do a fantastic job of bringing the script to life. Maggie’s need to have Alex say they can’t be together out loud is one of the most powerful scenes between them.

I’m still having difficulty accepting Alex’s reasons for wanting children. She explains to Maggie that ever since she was a child she has always wanted be a mother. This statement doesn’t feel right to me as there’s never been much evidence to back it up.

Problem Solved

Kara takes a sideline appearance in this episode which is beneficial to her continuing friendship with Lena. Her loyalty and determination when proving her friend’s innocence is a testament to the pair’s strong relationship.

Samantha’s development is still one of the most compelling elements to this season. We are gradually discovering her powers along with her which is great because we begin to ask the same questions she is. In this episode, we find Samantha is impervious to bullets and, like Kara, is also adopted. It’s clearly not a coincidence the writers are deliberately building parallels between her and Kara.

A Resolution To All Things

Damage is a steady episode and regrettably sees the end of Alex and Maggie. It is likely their separation will be the biggest loss of the season. Whilst Lena’s emotional journey allows for further character development, the conflict between Lena and Morgan Edge does nothing to move the overall story arc forward.

Samantha’s story manages to give the episode some depth and intrigue. It will be interesting to see how the discovery of her newfound powers will affect her personally, her relationship with her daughter, Ruby and when Supergirl realises who she is.

There are fantastic performances by the cast, especially by Chyler Leigh, Floriana Lima and Katie McGrath. This episode did strengthen the friendship between Lena, Kara and Samantha which is a wonderful outcome considering the script wasn’t as it’s best.