This episode of Supergirl focuses on J’onn’s father, M’yrnn J’onzz. Since the last episode, team super know about M’yrnn’s illness. And M’yrnn is using ancient Martian prayers to keep his mind from deteriorating any further.

But, the anger he feels towards his condition is creating psychic bleeds, affecting others around him. This causes team super and the DEO agents to fight each other and almost kill one another.

Elsewhere, Sam is denying her metamorphosis so Lena goes to extreme lengths to make her accept what is happening to her. She uses Ruby as an emotional trigger to bring Reign to the surface.

The Son is the Father

‘In Search of Lost Time’ explores the decisions those affected by dementia must take to ensure their parents and those around them are safe. The personal struggle of J’onn and his awareness of what he must do to help his father is powerful and moving.

It is to be applauded that this storyline is at the forefront of the series since they are not seen very often, which shouldn’t be the case. The loving relationship a parent has with their child is driven by that paternal bond. And J’onn is attempting to hold onto it by recalling childhood memories with his father.

Will the Lost Find Their Way Home?

The other half of the episode explores Sam’s denial. Lena explains she is undergoing a metamorphosis but Sam reiterates she would remember killing people. So, Lena manipulates her into becoming emotionally charged so Reign will re-surface.

Not only is Sam’s ordeal gripping, to try and understand what it would be like if you had another separate entity controlling your body, but it’s a dark and complex idea that is entirely fascinating.

From Lena’s perspective, she is incredibly strong and selfless to dedicate herself to helping her friend. It must also be lonely knowing there isn’t anyone else who can help Sam, most will only recognise her as Reign. It will be interesting to see how Kara and Alex react. Will they condemn Lena for keeping this secret from them or will they support and help Sam get better? I believe the latter will occur as the empathy and compassion Supergirl has for people is what makes her a hero.

A Family is Always There

Overall, ‘In Search of Lost Time’ is deeply powerful and emotional story. The loss of a loved one’s mind is sometimes more painful than losing them completely. But, this episode has proven with the love and support of family and friends, you can get through the darkest and most painful of times.

Also, there were some cool lighter moments; Kara keeping photos of her bringing down a disruptive alien in a bar and M’yrnn’s story of J’onn’s imaginary friend added a touch of happiness that family and friends also bring.