Kara and Alex head back to their home town of Midvale. Tensions run high as Alex confronts Kara about her isolating herself from everyone when she tries to comfort Alex after losing Maggie.

We travel into the sisters past when teenager Kara begins high school and becomes one of the subjugated students in the school. At first, young Alex is reluctant to accept Kara as her sister and more as a nuisance.

It’s compelling to learn more about how the Danvers sisters became so close and how their relationship changes and develops through this one tragic event they experience. Kara’s only friend is found dead and the sisters take it upon themselves to find out who the murderer is.

Playing Detectives

This episode becomes somewhat like a soap opera; an unlikely murder riddles a suburban town and the culprit ends up being someone who you predictably couldn’t believe is capable of something so terrible.

The plot suffers from this but the actors performances make up for it. Izabela Vidovic and Olivia Nikkanen portray the young sisters amazingly well. They encapsulate the chemistry and loyalty that the sisters will share in the future. Also, the vulnerabilities of the sisters are honest and compelling.

Kara’s friendship with Kenny is another strong element to the story. There is a real fondness and respect between them which makes his death even more tragic. He is essentially the only friend Kara had which allows her emotions to take control of her powers.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Even though the plot is riddled with soap opera type cliques, the script is filled with truthful and gripping character drama. From Kara’s vulnerability at not fitting in to Alex’s longing for a time when she didn’t have a sister, the majority of the episode is carried by their relationship.

It’s also the most compelling and sets the foundations for their close bond. They realise they work well together and see the potential in one another.

The murderer is Midvale’s very own cop which allows Kara to save her sister for the first time. The reveal isn’t surprising but does generate a pivotal scene that cements Kara and Alex’s sisterly bond.

No Place Like Home

Midvale isn’t the strongest or most interesting episode but it does offer some high quality backstory for the Danvers story. Learning how they became so close and what they mean to each other is moving and heartwarming.

Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh’s performances are unsurprisingly strong. They bring such warmth and honesty to their performances. The actresses chemistry is clear and adds gravitas to their relationship. It’s what makes this episode worthy of your time.