Episode seven ‘Wake Up’ sees the return of Mon-El but he isn’t the man Kara saw zoom off into space in the season 2 finale. After the DEO detects abnormal readings from a grounded space craft, they head to the place in search of it. There, Kara is confronted by Mon-El who is sporting a newly grown beard and pointing a gun at her.

At this point, Mon-El’s reaction to seeing Kara again is not what you’d expect. But, it is much more compelling this way. Mon-El appears more subdued, distant and at one point completely refuses to tell Kara why he was attempting to steal a highly dangerous device from the DEO’s hideaway.

Then we realise whilst Kara has waited seven months to see Mon-El again, he has been away for seven years and during that time has matured and now has a wife. It’s a surprise that the writers have decided to take Mon-El down this route. But, they should be commended for its boldness and intricate positioning in how it contributes to Kara’s emotional development.

The Unexpected

It feels a bit early to see Mon-El again just when Kara is beginning to move on and find her own way in life again. However, it does give Melissa Benoist the opportunity to play with the emotional depravity that Kara is experiencing. She can’t accept that Mon-El has changed which is understandable but shows she is still longing for a loving relationship.

This shouldn’t be ignored or dismissed. Kara continues to show more humanity towards others than real human beings so it’s no revelation that she wants to experience real love. Chris Wood’s chemistry with Melissa Benoist hasn’t diminished and continues to compel.

His subtle expressions and blank responses show the exteriors of a wiser and experienced Mon-El who knows a thing or two about life. It’s a shame Alex’s role is given such a small part; she’s left to appear in only a few scenes. It’s almost like the loss of Maggie is refusing to show its effects.

Wake me from this Dream

The script is strong and explores Kara and Mon-El’s relationship with honesty and heartbreak. There is a sense of real pain in Melissa Benoist’s performance as she asks Mon-El why he tried to steal from the DEO.

His non-response provides compelling viewing as it leaves us intrigued about why Mon-El is deciding not to tell Kara about why he tried to steal and lie to her and the DEO. The direction of Wake Up is well-structured and justified. There is an urgency to the character’s emotions which allows them to show a more flawed, more human side to themselves.

This episode focuses on the emotional aftermath of Kara’s suffering due to losing Mon-El. It’s a strong indicator of how Kara is using her identity as Supergirl to abandon her humanity. She feels Supergirl is the only person she should be.

Episode Seven is a compelling, intriguing, funny and moving story about grief, the complexities of love and the challenges we face when those we love move on and change without us knowing. Kara may be lost but her love for others is what makes her truly super extraordinary.