We took the opportunity to catch up with Sven Weber at Ringcon and take a look at his stunning Tolkien inspired dress design of the Teleri Elves. The Teleri were the third and largest clan of the three houses of the Elves as explained in the History of Middle-earth. In ancient times they named themselves Lindar or “Singers”, because they were known for their fair voices. When the Valar decided to bring the Qendi to Aman, the Teleri were last to hear Ulmo’s call when the Vanyar and the Noldor travelled into the West. When they learned that the others had already departed, they headed to the shores of Beleriand near the mouth of the River Sirion waiting for Ulmo. The Maia Ossë kept them company while they waited and became their friends. When the Teleri first beheld the sea, they became enamoured with it, and ever after desired to live close to the shore and were named ‘Sea-elves’. Sven talks us through the concepts, design and details of these beautiful creations in this exclusive interview at RingCon in Germany.