We’re pleased to announce that a brand new podcast by one of our own is here! The Campaign Trail is a Dungeons and Dragons game where the quest is to win a general election.

Written and produced by Joel Cornah, the show sees a team of adventurers tackle fantasy world problems in an attempt to swing the vote. In a world of dragons, goblins, trolls and wizards, can politics really be stranger than it is in real life right now?

It’s like The Adventure Zone meets Question Time. The players head to various marginal constituencies to help their local candidate battle dragons, trolls, and unspeakable eldritch horrors, just in case it helps move their poll numbers.

Roll for Elections

Cornah has worked out a complicated dice-based general election system. The country is split into 147 constituencies and to win the election you need to win a majority of 74 seats. To win a seat you need to roll the highest vote. In each seat, there are between three and six parties running, and each party has a series of bonuses to help them get the higher roll. There are national support bonuses that apply across the board, and there are local support bonuses that are unique to each area.

At the end of the campaign, there will be a special election night episode where the votes are counted live on stream. It’ll be an evening of special guests, exit polls, and shock results. But before we get there, the team have to try and get their poll numbers moving.

They’ll need to persuade the marginal constituencies that their party – The Fabled Cooperative Party – is the best for them. In their first adventure – Barrow of Furnace – the team have the unenviable job of helping a goblin named Gorlak the Betrayer win a by-election.

The Quest is the Quest!

The city has many problems, not least of which is a troll that demands a toll for the electorate to cross to the polling station. Can our heroes find a way to defeat the troll and help Gorlak the Betrayer become the first goblin Member of Parliament? Find out in the first chapter of The Campaign Trail!

Episodes one AND two are now available!