The best Pokemon has finally been revealed. Well, at least for this year. To celebrate Pokemon Day 2020 the Pokemon company has had a host of special events across its games. From Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sword and Shield there’s been an event to celebrate Pokemon’s special day. If you’re a big Pokemon fan you could not miss the day itself. For those living a less Poke-heavy lifestyle the biggest news story to emerge out of Pokemon day was the result of a poll.

Google’s ‘Pokemon of the Year’ poll had fans vote for their very favourite ‘mon. To say we’ve been given a definitive answer to the best Pokemon is perhaps an exaggeration. Still, it has yielded some surprising results. Heading up the leaderboard is Greninja. The ranks of Greninja fans no doubt swollen by his prominence in the anime and Super Smash Bros appearances. Lucario is in second. The real surprise is the absense of Pikachu in the top 5. The lightning mouse many would have considered a dead-cert for best Pokemon is at a distant number 19. This means Pikachu barely broke the top 20 – and only beat Eevee by a few hundred votes. This is a real coup for Mimikyu – the Pokemon that imitates Pikachu managed to bag the number 3 slot.

Here’s the Official Countdown if you want to check it out for yourself, its well worth a look. After rotating the Pokeball to view the top 5 you can see the top 30 with the votes vast for each one. If you want to see the best Pokemon by each region you can do that, too! I took a quick look at which of the newest Galarian Pokemon was a fan favourite and was definitely surprised. Take some time and try and figure how your favourite critter did in the poll!