The Campaign Trail, a Dungeons and Dragons podcast about politics, is about to go international. The political fantasy has dealt with everything from education for trolls, to incineration by dragons.

The show is set to return in August with an expanded cast, special guest stars, and a bigger budget.

New Series, New Voices

The original cast will be returning for a second series, with some new friends to help them on their way. Including a new regular player, S Naomi Scott, who first appeared as The Marquis of Granby in the podcast.

Fans will remember that some of the Non Player Characters were given voice by somebody other than the DM. This time, the show will contain a host of new voices! And just you wait until you see the talent in store!

Oliver Thorn

One such guest will be YouTube dot gov’s own Oliver Thorn.

You will know Thorn from Philosophy Tube, where he does in-depth philosophical lessons, complete with wild costume changes, musical numbers, and gorgeous makeup.

He was set to play Count Dracula in an immersive theatrical production of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Alas, due to the Shadow Times (or ‘pandemic’ as the kids call it), that has been delayed.

He now has the chance to play a character just as sinister and perhaps even more so. Peter Mandelson. Thorn will be giving his voice to Peter son of Mandel, a half demon who acts as the government’s chief communications director.

Genevieve Sibayan

Voice artist and narrator Genevieve Sibayan will be appearing on the show as a regular! Genevieve is an Actress, Narrator, Blogger, and Story Teller.

She narrated the audiobook to my own first novel The Sea-Stone Sword (available now on Audible, just saying). Her voice reel is worth listening to.

Genevieve will be providing the voice of Lisa Townsland, a tabaxi who suddenly finds herself in the cabinet. She will be guiding the players through adventures with witty remarks and words of wisdom.

Di Croft

Actor Di Croft onboard for series two of The Campaign Trail! She will be giving voice to our newsreader, who will deliver a special report at the beginning of every episode.

Di is an actor, voice actor, audiobook narrator, singer and musician.

She produced the audiobook for The Heir to the North and The High King’s Vengeance, by Steven Poore. The latter book was shortlisted for the British Fantasy Award!

Listen to her acting reel right here!

Dominic G Martin

As the show heads for international waters, the players will meet one of the most powerful people in the world. Dominic G Martin will be playing Mr Tea, the Secretary General of The Great Alliance.

Dominic is a cosplayer, writer, YouTuber & actor specializing in Doctor Who! He starred as the Purple Doctor in fan films, and audio dramas.

He has written and created the Doctor Who Remnants series, and has far more in the pipeline!

Luis Bermudez

The final major announcement is Luis Bermudez! Luis will be giving voice to The Green Lord, the patron god of one of the players, and what a performance it is!

He is a professional Voice Talent, Hobbyist Dungeon Master, and the kind of guy that gets nauseated when people call themselves pet parents as apart of their professional bio.

“I love stories. I love the people who make them, and I love hearing them. The only thing I love more, is telling them, and bringing them to life.”

Check out his talent reel on his website!

Jet Set for Adventure

The Campaign Trail returns at the end of August and will run for roughly 50 episodes. The trailer will be dropping any day now, so be on the lookout! For now, go back to your constituencies and prepare for adventure!