The Dutch Time Travellers’ Association (DTTA for short) is the Dutch Fanclub for Doctor Who fans – the original you might say – led by Bas Pierik, Diana Cooijman-van der Pluijm, Alies Bruinsma and Josien Smit. The DTTA focuses on uniting all Dutch Doctor Who fans of the BBC series and its current and future spin-offs, such as Torchwood.

It all started as a post on a forum of, from a DW fan who wanted to start a Dutch DW Fanclub. The post led to a meeting in Utrecht between 5 people, who all agreed on a name for the fanclub: The Dutch Time Travellers’ Association . After some research of what needed to be done to make an official fanclub, the papers were signed on June the 4th 2007.

The board of the DTTA had a few changes in management, just like the doctor changes his face. The current board consists of 4 members: Bas Pierik, Diana Cooijman-van der Pluijm, Alies Bruinsma and Josien Smit. The first club meeting was held in November 2007 in Amsterdam, and was named The Arc of Amsterdam, after the episode called Arc of infinity. Participants took a tour of all the film locations in that episode, which was shot in the city.

After that, meetings were held every year, hosting cosplay contests, dealers stalls selling DW merchandise, Doctor Who quizes and topical panels. The meeting is now called Dutch Doctor Who Gathering and will be held again in theAutumn this year.

The DTTA has also a presence during large-scale conventions and this year you will find us at Imagicon, on March the 3rd 2015 in Ede, Netherlands. It’s a chance for members to meet and coseplay with eachother.

If you are interested in joining us, or to learn how to cosplay the Dr, visit the links below – you will not regret it!

Linda Krol is a 32 year old cosplayer from the Netherlands, with a passion for prop making.
Linda studied fashion in school and started roaming the cosplay scene in 2008. Her main character is the 11th Doctor, although she can turn into Osgood in a heartbeat.