Last night was the 2018 Game Awards. While we’re sure seeing who scooped the prize in each category was a draw for many the real attraction of the night was the promise of new announcements on next years big releases. The awards show did not disappoint, with something on offer for everyone. Here are some of the night’s most exciting announcements.

A New Dragon Age Teased

If you’re a fan of Bioware’s Dragon Age series then its type to hop on the hype train once again. A brief teaser told us almost nothing, but its good to know another entry in the character and story heavy RPG series is on its way.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance was a gem of the mid-2000s, combining iconic Marvel heroes with compelling action RPG gameplay. The announcement of a third entry in the series, alongside a trailer, shows that formula looks as enjoyable as ever. The big surprise here was that the game is apparently Switch exclusive. While it definitely seems a good fit for the platform (multiplayer focused, family friendly) this does seem strange for such a huge licensed property.

Obsidian’s New Game Named

The Outer Worlds might be the trailer of the night. There’s definitely still plenty of time for this game to go off track, but the trailer delivers an intriguing setting and plenty of charm. There’s a definite Borderlands vibe here but it seems to be combined with a host of other ideas. Obsidian are perhaps most fondly remembered for Fallout: New Vegas which sets a very high bar for this first person RPG to match.

Psychonauts 2’s First Trailer

Will Psychonauts 2 break DoubleFine’s streak of producing critically lauded but under-performing games? It gave a very impressive showing and its nice to see the features that made the original so entertaining are intact. Great characters, funny dialogue and a distinctly Tim Burton-esque aesthetic make this one to keep an eye on even if you’ve never touched the original.

Crash Team Racing Gets A “Remake”

A remake of a kart racer is a little hard to understand. Crash Nitro Kart was a very popular, and fondly remembered, PS1 game. Not only was it Sony’s answer to Mario Kart 64 but many even preferred it. At least two Crash racing games followed, but it seems like developer Beenox have gone back to the original to capitalise on Crash’s nostalgic fans and give this game an update. Beenox produced Skylanders SuperChargers so they’re no amateurs when it comes to putting mascots in cars. With new content and online features this seems like it could become a must have for PS4 gaming nights.

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat seems to be returning in a big way. The game seems to be due for all major platforms, Switch included. There’s a lot of fighting games doing the rounds at the minute, but Mortal Kombat 11‘s unique style seems like it will find its audience. There is a trailer for this one but due to Mortal Kombat’s graphic violence Youtube may ask you to sign in.

The Stanley Parable Heads to Consoles

One of the most talked about games never to grace a console finally gets its chance. Its a hilarious trailer, though maybe doesn’t do a wonderful job of selling the game to those who have no idea what it is. The game garnered much acclaim when it was originally released, so its nice to see it heading to a wider audience all these years later.