There is little over a month until The Mandalorian Season 2 starts. And that also means first proper trailer. Nearly two minutes long – that is quite a decent amount of footage already, yet the trailer, at the same time, does not betray too much. In fact, it hardly betrays much at all.

But is there anything we can conclude based on it? Let’s quickly go through what the trailer shows (to watch it, scroll to the bottom of this article).

The Sorcerers

The trailer begins with a voice-over from the Armorer from the end of the first season. These are essentially the only words we hear in the entire trailer, or at least those that are of any value.

The voice-over serves rather as a reminder, so that we know where we ended and what the upcoming season may be about. That seems rather clear: Din Djarin is off to try to look for the Baby’s “own clan”, that is, the “order of sorcerers known as the Jedi”.

A mysterious stranger stalking the protagonists in Mandalorian S2 trailer.

The most remarkable part of the trailer may relate to this. In a dock on an unknown planet (full of Quarren aliens – might we be on Mon Calamari?), we see a mysterious hooded human. One moment we see her, observing the protagonists, next, she’s gone.

Sorcery indeed! Is she a Jedi? But what kind of a Jedi? She is too young to be a survivor of Order 66, and we are too early after Episode VI for Luke to have gained much in the way of apprentices. Is she a Padawan of some unknown Jedi survivor? An associate of Ahsoka Tano? Or is she a “street kid” with ungroomed Force powers? (Such a character would make an amazing addition to the Mandalorian’s team, but would probably cause more trouble than she’s worth. In any case, she would not be much more adequate teacher than any of the current characters.)

Or is she a member of some obscure Force cult? Something that sprung up in the Outer Rim in the absence of the Jedi? Or is she an ex-Imperial, such as inquisitor-in-training who was caught by the demise of the Empire and now has no idea where to go? (Yes, I am thinking of something like Mara Jade from the old Expanded Universe.)

One of the locations in Mandalorian Season 2 – nowhere respectable, to be certain.

New Places To Visit

The trailer shows us several distinctive environments. If the show keeps a similar format as in the first season, we can expect individual episodes to take us to different planets.

We can distinguish at least a few: one is a delapidated, graffiti-covered place with street lamps and several more high-tech buildings in the background. It is vaguely reminiscent of Corellia in Solo, but Corellia was even more industrial and more urban. It could be some outskirts of the city, of course.

Another environment is a craggy landscape with canyons. It may be the same place where we see a Tusken raider. That would suggest a return to Tatooine, even though in the first season we have already seen Jawas on different planets. The primitive Sand people are perhaps tied to Tatooine a little more than the nomadic and slightly bit more tech-savvy Jawas. Plus, rumours about Boba Fett (yes, spat out by the Sarlacc) making a cameo as well as those about one Tatooine-based minor character from the Aftermath novel (a “sheriff”) would support this theory.

Perhaps Din Djarin stumbles upon the traces of the Jedi on Tatooine (that a Jedi named Luke Skywalker killed Jabba, for example, sure was the type of news that would spread in the underworld). It would be a good opportunity to see him revisit Obi-Wan’s old home, for example.

The Mando and the Baby on an icy planet in The Mandalorian Season 2.

Water And Ice Planets

There are two visually very distinctive environments – the abovementioned ocean world (or place) with sea-ships and populated largely by Quarrens (the tentacled folks). The callback to SW: Resistance pirates (and their leader) is obvious. Maybe we will even see a cameo of young Kragan Gorr or his family?

Then there is the icy planet. I believe this is, primarily, a hit on the nostalgia string. Just as there were callbacks to Tatooine-like environments in the first season, this is callback to Hoth. Is this actual Hoth, and is Din finding traces of Luke and the Rebellion? More likely not.

The Mando confronting a not-very-respectable Abyssin in season 2.

Among notable characters and alien species, the trailer shows us an underworld fighting pit with Gamorreans and an Abyssin – boss? Pit owner? Given how long the scene shown was, I suspect we may see this already in the first episode, maybe even in the first few minutes. Completing a bounty to earn some living, along with reminding the audience that the Baby is now travelling alongside the Mando all the time.

The trailer, overall, did not show very much. But it obviously could not show much of the plot without spoiling us, and we already know what the next objective is. But there is still a month and half, and we can still expect perhaps another teaser or two coming our way.