Il Medioevo Attraverso Tolkien, or for the English speakers, The Medieval Ages Through Tolkien’s Eyes. This is the name of a series of events organised in Italy by the Accademia Medioevo (Medieval Academy) and Associazione Italiana Studi Tolkieniani or AIST (Italian Association for Tolkienian Studies).

The events, which will run for five months in the Roman Castles area, will provide an opportunity to explore the link between Tolkien’s work and history and ancient languages, particularly of the Medieval ages.

The first event will be held in Lanuvio (near Rome) on the 30th of January 2016 at 5PM (Italian time). The focus will be, The Dragon: an ancient mystery in history, myth and literature.

The speakers will be:

Dr Luca Attenni (Director of the Civic Museum of Lanuvio) Dr Rosaria Cozzolino (Vice President of the Accademia Medioevo)

Dr Roberto Arduini (AIST President)

This is a great opportunity for Tolkien fans. So if you happen to be in Rome around the time of each of the events, you should schedule this in!

Full details of the events can be found here.