Every Harry Potter’s fan must have a Monster Book of Monsters. And if you cannot find one in your local bookstore, you simply need to make it yourself. I made mine!


1 Hot glue gun

1 Box (iPad box looks more like a book)

Synthetic Fur (enough to cover the box, with a few scraps left over for the eyes)

4 Safety doll eyes (pick the colour to match the fur)

1 pack of modelling clay to make the teeth and the tongue

A handful of pillow filling

Paint: Black primer to coat the teeth and tongue; red, white and brown for teeth and tongue; black and brown for the box; varnish to coat the teeth and tongue when dry.


I shaped the teeth and tongue and let it dry for 24 hours (I gave it 48 hours). Make sure you shape the upper gum in such a way that it sits comfortably on the corner of the box (give it a bit of an angle). Then I used the black primer to create a good base. When dry, I applied the red, white and brown paint. Finally, a coat of varnish is the finishing touch you always need.


Using the hot glue gun, I sealed the lid onto the box, then I attached the teeth and tongue to its side. You can cut a slit into the side of the box and stick the tongue through it for more support – don’t forget to glue it though!


Apply the brown/black colour to the sides of the box, so that it resembles wood. The begin to cover the box with the fur, making sure the seams overlap. Use your glue gun to fix it.


I used the pillow filling to create a little bulge on the top side, which I then covered with more fur – don’t glue it yet, as the eyes need to be clicked into place! Grab your eyes and following the instruction given on their package, click them onto the fur. Only then you can glue the top fur to the bottom one, making sure all the filling is contained inside.


Ta-daan! With your glue gun as your new best friend, you can step back and admire your handy work. And watch your fingers!

Linda Krol is a 32 year old cosplayer from the Netherlands, with a passion for prop making.
Linda studied fashion in school and started roaming the cosplay scene in 2008. Her main character is the 11th Doctor, although she can turn into Osgood in a heartbeat.

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