It’s a new system aiming to emulating the success of other plug-and-play retro consoles. We’ve seen our fair share of mini consoles of late. We’ve had the NES Mini, the SNES Mini, and the forthcoming Megadrive Mini. There was even a Playstation Mini, but we don’t talk about that one. As you’re probably thinking, it seems like everyone has gotten in on the act. That’s set to continue with Konami releasing a teeny-tiny version of the PC Engine. If you’ve not heard of it, don’t worry. The console was better known as the Turbografx-16 in the United States.

As you might expect, The PC Engine Mini may sell out quickly. It’s a very different beast to the Mini NES, especially in the UK where most will be totally unfamiliar with it. It has to be assumed, then, that they’re not exactly planning on flooding stores with it. The Playstation Mini, the one we don’t talk about, has been on sale at increasingly discounted rates since its launch. You can add to this the fact that collectors may want to snap up 3 different versions. Like the 2 different versions of the SNES Mini, there’s different looking consoles for each region. The European version, the ‘PC Engine CoreGrafx Mini’, is listed as being exclusive to Amazon. If you’re interested I’d recommend pre-ordering one as soon as you’re able. Expect re-sellers to buy up as much stock as possible.

Is It Worth Buying?

As I’ve said before, what really determines whether these things are worth it is the games. However, The PC Engine Mini is a strange test of this rationale. On the one hand, I’ve never played most of the games on the system. I’m sure that’s the case for a lot of people. But even at the £100 price point this is the cheapest you’ll get these games for. Whereas a lot of SNES and NES games are playable by other means, this is probably the best, easiest and only way to play these. If nostalgia was a driving force behind other Mini consoles then it’ll be interesting to see how this sells. Check out the full list of included games below.

English Language Games:

Alien Crush. Victory Run. Blazing Lazers. Neutopia. Dungeon Explorer. R-Type. Moto Roader. Power Golf. Ys Book I&II. Ninja Spirit. J.J. & Jeff. Space Harrier. Military Madness. Chew-Man-Fu. Psychosis. Bonk’s Revenge. Parasol Stars. Cadash. New Adventure Island. Air Zonk. Neutopia II. Solider Blade. Lords of Thunder.

Bomberman ’93.