Happy 6th mensiversary, SFFN!

We have made it to the half-year mark and we are still sane – well, most of us, at any rate…

Since launch date, on March the 27th, the editorial team has seen some changes. We have said goodbye to Thomas Ritzinger, Alex Kratochwill, Sven Weber and Elena Krysova and we have welcomed Joel Cornah (Doctor Who Editor) and Rostislav Kurka (Star Wars Editor) to the SFFN family. Dani Gutsch (Star Trek Editor) and I are very excited to have them onboard.

A super-huge thank you to our NetCons, who enrich the network with their work. You’re part of the team!

The team behind the scenes: Jay, Claire, Nathan and Dee – thank you for your constant support!

And last but not least, a massive thank you to YOU, readers – you make our world go round!

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