A year ago, we introduced you to composer and Tolkien lover, Aaron M Dunn.

When Aaron read The Silmarillion, he became immediately captivated by its intricate stories and wondered what a possible soundtrack would be like.

As no movie was forthcoming, he took matters into his own hand and in January 2016 he released the first episode of his symphony, “The Deeps of Time”.

January 2017 will see the release of the second episode of The Silmarillion Symphony, “The Fall of Fingolfin”.

Aaron writes the music “with the book in one hand, a keyboard in the other” in order to capture the spirit and imagination of the book in the most integral way possible. (He also kept a map of Beleriand on his wall for additional inspiration.)

Discover more about The Fall of Fingolfin here, and do spread the word!

You may connect with Aaron Dunn’s exciting work underscoring The Silmarillion via Twitter, his website and on Facebook.