I have a confession to make: I am OBSESSED with The Sims. I love it. I’ve owned every incarnation since it’s release. There’s only one thing that’s always disappointed me about The Sims, and that’s their rather lackluster attempts at vampires.

Well, all that’s about to change…

Come January 24th The Sims 4 will be rolling out a brand spanking new Game Pack, and spanking is the operative word (at least, it is if you play Sims like I do…)

Yes, I went there.

And so did EA Games.

This rather epic new neighborhood will see the addition of fully customisable and playable vampire Sims, resplendent with bats, sunlight allergies, capes, coffins, fangs and…well, BANGS.

The enigma that is an undead male who can somehow do it without the aid of blood flow has finally arrived in the Simverse, and there’s no end to the antics your newly undead Sims can  get up to.

They can turn each other in style. They can also screw each other in style (literally if the coffin in the trailer is anything to go by!).

You may think this is a peculiar addition to the game but it’s been a long time coming (erm…no pun intended). The launch of The Sims 4 finally gave us interactive and playable ghosts, fully capable of doing everything a regular Sim can with the exception of having children. Being as they are deceased, producing offspring is off limits for ghostly Sims and will, presumably, also be impossible for the undead vamps about to descend on your unsuspecting Sims.

Maxis have really pulled out all the stops in the Vampire extension pack. Vamp sims are not only fully playable they have their own creepy neighborhood and a seemingly large selection of quirky new Gothic, vampireesque furniture and building features.

In addition, Vamps will have unique sets of ‘Motives’, the needs that drive all the Sims in Sims 4, and one of them will be an incessant need for ‘Plasma’, the godly, bloody nectar craved by all the undead.

It seems there are even a variety of ways for vamps to feed their unholy cravings, from feeding on other Sims while they’re sleeping, to slurping down a Plasma pack and (for the VEGAN VAMPIRE) growing their own Plasma fruit.

Stay tuned, I will be creating a special Sci-Fi Fantasy Network Vampire Household very soon…

The Sims 4 Vampire Game Pack will be available for PC and Mac from January 24, 2017.