The Unicorn Tapestries in New York are a medieval masterpiece—and a mystery. No one knows who wove them, who for, or when.
Elayne knows . . . kinda. At least, she’s been told by her father that their ancestor wove them. Not only that, he left a doorway in the tapestries which opens onto Goloth, the Land of the Fabulous Beasts. She doesn’t believe any of it—until, on a class trip to the museum, she is summoned through the tapestries by Moonspill. A real, live unicorn. Moonspill and her weaver-ancestor had made a pact: that if either of them were desperate, they (or their descendants) would come to the other’s aid. Moonspill’s mate is about to be slaughtered in the arena by a tyrant king. He needs a maiden to tame him so he can enter the world of man and free her.

Elayne knows nothing about taming—she barely passed calculus! But through some extreme adventures in that magical land she realizes something: if human myths are true in Goloth, why not the one where a unicorn can cure all poisons—including the cancer in her father’s blood?
Attacked by a griffin, befriended by a talking snake, pursued by a lecherous king, Elayne must somehow find the skills and the courage she needs to save the two beings she loves most in either world: her father and her unicorn.

“Chris Humphreys imbues this tale with the art of weaving, not only as the core of this book, but also in the manner in which he so deftly positions reality with fantasy – a true and splendid tapestry of a story that primes for the next installments in this Tapestry Trilogy. Very highly recommended!”,Grady Harp, Top 100 Reviewer for Amazon and Top Shelf Magazine


“What is it you think I can do?” she whispered. “I’m no one.”
The dragon’s thought came carefully, painfully. “No one? The maid who was given the gift of tongues? The girl who tamed a unicorn? Who saved then destroyed a world? Oh, Alice-Elayne, you are someone. And you are about to learn that your story is only half told.”

Elayne is struggling with her ordinary life in New York City. Until she hears that a monster has been caught in the city’s sewers—a snake with a head at either end—and Elayne knows her ordinary life is over. The monster has come from Goloth, land of the fabulous beasts, and it’s come to take her back.

She doesn’t want to go—there are so many ways to die in that place. But when her father crosses over, she has no choice. Yet now Goloth is ripped apart by a civil war … and her actions helped start it. Worse: the unicorns, that world’s guardians, have vanished, including her beloved Moonspill. Worst of all: Tiamat, queen of dragons, has woken from her five-hundred-year sleep. And she has plans for Elayne. Terrible plans. Only one thing is certain: if Elayne is to have any hope of saving Goloth from total destruction, she must bring back the unicorns.

Summoned by a dragon, attacked by a griffin, betrayed by pirates, forced to fight—Elayne will need every ounce of courage to rescue her father, keep her best friend alive, and unite a realm … all while trying not to fall in love with the former tyrant-king!

An utterly captivating adventure set in a land where all our myths live…


If Elayne thought that her adventures were over with the slaying of the dragon queen… was she ever wrong! Because when she and Leo came back from Goloth to New York through the tapestries, Tiamat’s three daughters hitched a ride.
Elayne had learned that dragons could shapeshift. Take on the form of other beasts. Even become human for a while. So when she sees a news report of a series of murders in California and the only clue is a dragon scale found at the scene, she knows what is happening: Tiamat’s daughters are rousing sleeping dragons from a thousand year sleep to be their mates… and providing them with a grisly wake up breakfast in bed!

Elayne feels responsible – she let the killers back into this world. But when she and Leo try to hunt down their enemy, they soon realize that too many have awakened, that they have become too powerful. Which is when Leo recalls an ancient myth of Goloth – that the Dwarves of Transagor could forge amazing weapons from Dragonstone – and that only with these will they be able to slay the dragons of Earth.

Back they go to Goloth. The friends are reunited – Scarab, Huy, Tempest the Unicorn – and a new quest formed: to journey to Transagor and find the Dragonstone they need. Only trouble is… the Dwarves have disappeared.

Join Elayne and her comrades as she confronts killer dragons in human form in the final chapter of the Tapestry Trilogy… the Hunt of the Shapeshifters.

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  • The Hunt Of The Shapeshifters: ASIN : B08LH5WN62

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About Chris:

Chris (C.C.) Humphreys has played Hamlet in Calgary, a gladiator in Tunisia, and a dead immortal in Highlander; he’s waltzed in London’s West End, conned the landlord of the Rovers Return in Coronation Street, commanded a starfleet in Andromeda, and voiced Salem the cat in the original Sabrina. He has published 20 novels including The French Executioner, The Jack Absolute Trilogy; Vlad – The Last Confession; A Place Called Armageddon; and Shakespeare’s Rebel. His novel Plague won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel in Canada in 2015. He is now also writing epic fantasy with the Immortals’ Blood Trilogy, for Gollancz; the first book, Smoke in the Glass, was published in 2019 and Book Two: The Coming of the Dark in 2020. The epic conclusion, The Wars of Gods and Men, will be published in 2021.

He has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. He wears a unicorn signet ring and always wondered why. The Hunt of the Unicorn begins to answer that question.

More information about Chris can be found on his website at: CHRIS HUMPHREYS – Chris Humphreys ( or on his Wikipedia page at: Chris Humphreys – Wikipedia