Today: Fan Films

Greetings my beloved Padawans!

Do you remember the times under the Tatooinian Suns, playing rebel and stormtrooper all over the place?

No? Me neither.

But there are a few extraordinary people who want to take you to the places we all love so dearly. Some of them are more serious than others, but all of them have one thing in common: talent.

Some of you might have noticed that an animated Star Wars short film was recently released, made by Paul Jonson with help from Zakir Rahman (Soundtrack) and Joseph Leyva (Sound design). Check it out HERE.

As I watched this fine piece of entertainment on my comlink (though I only get serious Jedi calls on it most of the time) I knew what I had to do: a list of good (and perhaps old) Star Wars fan films, some of which you might have already seen or heard of.

Or maybe you haven’t. In that case, remember the Jedi Code: “There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.” I will share a quick review of five of these fine made fan films to test your abilities in the Force!

1) I.M.P.S: The Relentless


Starting with one of the best names a fan film could ever have, this piece of fan dedication is so far (in my oooold eyes) one of the treasures the internet has to offer.

As for the abbreviation, IMPS stands for Imperial Military Personnel Stories. The Relentless is (as any of you green Padawans already guessed) the ship’s name on which the story evolves. A super carrier with all sorts of personnel on it.

Don’t be fooled though. They staff aren’t stuck on it and even the first released chapter plays mainly on a spaceport with many a-surprise for our imperial heroes. If you want to be astonished, bewildered and slightly humored, this film is just for you.

But beware: as of today, they have released 2 chapters (out of 4 as far as I know) and the production is quite time-consuming, so waiting for the next chapter could take several years. You’ve been warned, Padawans.

Check it out HERE.

2) Troops


The next one on my datapad is Troops,  a good fan film about what happens off-camera on Tatooine (you remember, right? The planet where the prodigy of Darth Vader was raised by his aunt and uncle).

It tells the story of a (or THE?!) squad of troopers investing and following the off-camera events of “A New Hope”, like the obliteration of the Jawas and what really happens at uncle Owen and aunt Beru’s place.
Although old (released in 1997), the film has a humorous note, but tends to get more serious in the second half of the ten minute entertainment (at least for my hardened steel Jedi sensibility). The SFX are quite good and well executed.

Totally worth to look for these droids. Check it out HERE.

3) A Light in the Darkness


Released in 2011, this fan film struck me with its well used SFX and the great background story. It evolves around a young man, who witnesses the fall of the Jedi and the corruption of the Empire. Together with a loyal band of fellow citizens, he wants to free his planet of an evil governor and thus ending the occupation of the Empire. As stated above, the background story is rich and has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, in the end the thought wavers and the climax seems a bit forced, if not even mistreated by some of the events affecting the different characters.

Nevertheless, the Jedi would be proud to see how hope can be ignited in even the common folk. Well done.

The movie is split in three parts. Check it out HERE.

4) Star Wars Contract of Evil


To study the Sith is dangerous, because their path leads to the Dark Side … But not so this fine fan made piece of entertainment. Directed by Lou Klein, the story evolves around the famous young Darth Maul.

With nice choreography and SFX effects, but a rather simplified story, the film is a short but a worthwhile diversion to most of the other films. The makeup and creation of the characters involved is splendid.

Two parts! Check it out HERE.

5) Dark Resurrection


As I went trough the depths of the fan film woods, this one caught my eye immediately. We follow a story with elements of horror, Star Wars and myth. I cannot even try to tell you about the story, for every word I could say would spoil much of it. That and, to be honest, I find the plot rather complex.
But I like these things and if you want to see a good SFX fan film with good actors and a deep, rich highlighted story, this should be one of the films you are looking for.

Check it out HERE.

Do you now want to practice your chores, Padawan, or do you want to delve deeper into the world of Star Wars? There are many more films to be watched and many more surprises ahead and already released.
For a good and more complete list of fan films I recommend There you will find any sort of fan film to your liking.

Mind you: if you don’t watch a film, you haven’t seen it.

Tobi Wan Kenobi

Tobias is a nursery-school teacher and has an affinity for books, shortstories and storytelling. But his expertise lies mostly in Star Wars related things.
Star Wars-Lore, -technology, -games and -comics are his domain.