We have talked about the independent sci-fi action-thriller TRIBORN, earlier. Sonnet Realm Films had originally planned to make an Aliens fan-sequel, until the project had to be stopped. Now the film has come back from the dead, transformed into an independent sci-fi story written by Adam Sonnet.

The project seems very promising for all hardcore SF fans, maybe even more so for old-school Alien franchise fans. Sonnet Realm Films managed to put together an impressive creative team, one big name worth mentioning being for example Neville Page (lead creature designer in James Cameron’s Avatar and Star Trek Into Darkness, concept artist on Prometheus among other things), who appears to be very enthusiastic about the project. As icing on the cake, TRIBORN also still has Carrie Henn (the original actress for Newt in Aliens) and Ricco Ross (pvt. Frost from Aliens).

A funding campaign for TRIBORN has been launched on Kickstarter on the 8th October (you can find it on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/srfilms/triborn). There you can also find an almost ten minute long video showing comments from the crew as well as glimpse of the concept, which really reminds one of the original Alien in its feel. The only thing to add is the hope that enough funds will be raised to make TRIBORN the film it deserves to be.