The job of an evil Dark Side user is very hard, especially if one suffers from an inferiority complex caused by the high standards, set by one’s grandfather. In this case it is very common that the Dark Side user looses empathy and understanding for his employees.

To avoid the development of a gap between boss and employees, the “Undercover Boss” project helps overburdened leaders to change their perspective and to get a better view on what´s really going on in their companies.

Kylo Ren took advantage of that project and accepted the challenge of taking a look at the lower levels of his enterprise.


Tom is an Austrian actor and director, working in theaters since 2001. He studied acting in Salzburg and currently lives in Germany. He loves being creative, putting the crazy thoughts in his head out into the world and dreaming of being a Star Wars character. In addition he is also studying Media-Management, but only if his thoughts don´t drift to galaxies far, far away.
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