The nice thing about new media and platforms like YouTube is the possibility for many people to present their ideas, creativity and projects.

Speaking of Star Wars, we find a lot of fan films, fanmade trailers and the like on the web. One sub-category of Star Wars fanfilms are lightsaber choreographies. A broad variety of interpretations can be found with a little bit of research. From classic Jedi vs Sith fights to crossover duels of characters from different movies and genres, or even fights of old Hong Kong or musketeer movies with lighsabers instead of the original weapons.

The LCC – Lightsaber Choreography Competition gives fans a platform to put their choreographies into an arena and even win a prize for the most creative videos. Through the years a lot funny, dramatic, trashy, surprising, and impressive videos have been created.
For example Grand Theft Auto VS Sleeping Dogs (Lightsaber Duel) being the winner of last years competition:

If anyone feels inspired now, just go get a camera, wooden sticks and an after effects program and conquer the LCC with your choreography!

The entries for the LCC XIII can be submitted until 27th September 2015, 11:59:59 AM PST.
You will find all the necessary information here.

Tom is an Austrian actor and director, working in theaters since 2001. He studied acting in Salzburg and currently lives in Germany. He loves being creative, putting the crazy thoughts in his head out into the world and dreaming of being a Star Wars character. In addition he is also studying Media-Management, but only if his thoughts don´t drift to galaxies far, far away.

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