It’s been said that E3 this year could make or break VR, in terms of uptake by developers and certainly if you’re a VR adopter then there seems to be plenty to look forward to. Here is a run down of VR games announced at this year’s E3.

Fallout 4 VR – Vive

This was originally announced at last year’s E3, but this year we finally have a projected release window which is October. It’s currently only been announced for HTC Vive. There’s currently no announcement on releases for other VR platforms, but it is rumoured that further platforms may be supported in 2018.

Doom VFR – Vive, PSVR

A Doom VR game had been rumoured to be in progress, but while most were expecting a VR remake of the original game what has been announced is a standalone game built specifically for VR. Movement by way of teleportation has raised a few grumbles from fans but it’s not yet been confirmed if that is the sole form of movement or if smooth movement will be included within the options. There is also currently no Aim compatibility reported for the PSVR version but again support may be announced as we get closer to its projected release which is late 2017.

Skyrim VR – PSVR – November 2017

A pleasant surprise for many PSVR fans, who had pinned their hopes on a AAA VR experience on Fallout 4 and Doom, was the announcement of Skyrim VR which will be a PSVR timed exclusive. The game will support the move controllers as well as the standard DS4 controller. Currently smooth movement is only supported on the DS4 with teleportation through the move controllers but hopes are high that smooth movement may be achieved on the move controllers as well prior to release as the developers are reportedly looking into the possibility. Either way, this looks to be a promising addition to the PSVR catalogue.

Monsters of the Deep: Final Fantasy 15 – PSVR

SquareEnix’s last attempt at VR in Final Fantasy 15 left a tide of dissatisfaction and the announcement of a fishing VR experience hasn’t exactly turned the tide of the fan’s disappointment. However, there have been some positive reports coming from those lucky enough to have witnessed the E3 demonstration that this might, actually, be something worth anticipating. Even as a fan of the fishing mini game in Final Fantasy 15, I’m not currently sold on the idea of forking out more money just to experience it in VR, but early indications seem to hint that it may be more than just a straight off VR port of a mini game. Time and further announcements will be sure to tell.

The Inpatient – PSVR

Yet another psychological horror release for the PSVR, the market for which does seem to feel increasingly saturated. That being said the trailer and announcements do make this title sound compelling. Set 60 years before the events of Until Dawn, the game drops you into the heart of a sanatorium. With no memories of how or why you’re there you have to explore the facility making discoveries and choices that shape the outcome of the game, with multiple endings this could be a VR game that brings a welcome infusion of replay ability, only time will tell.

Bravo Team – PSVR

Following on from Farpoint, Team Bravo appears to be another first person VR shooter supporting the Aim controller. From the trailer this appears to be more of a team affair based on tactics and co-operation. Trapped in hostile territory as part of either a co-op or AI team the aim is to fight and survive against numerous enemies to complete the mission. After the success of Farpoint there’s plenty of appetite for another healthy instalment of FPS Aim action and this title looks like it may just sate that for a while.

Moss – PSVR

This charming title follows the adventure of a tiny mouse called Quill in her battle against an ancient evil. In it you will travel together with Quill, traversing forgotten realms, solving puzzle and battling formidable enemies. I’m hoping this game may prove to be the Ori of VR with its cutesy and artistic world and characters and elements of puzzle solving. This is certainly a project I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Archangel – Vive, Oculus, PSVR

Archangel is launching first on PSVR and then its fellow VR platforms. A first person story driven shooter, it gives you control of a massive Mecha or war machine with which you need to battle to keep an evil corporation from taking over a post-apocalyptic America. The graphics look promising and the premise engaging so this may just be one to watch out for.

The persistence – PSVR

A procedurally generated first person Sci-fi horror game developed especially for PSVR. The game is set on a doomed vessel which you need to traverse to repair the engines to avoid an approaching black hole. Each time you die you’ll control a different crewmember to battle your way across the ship through mutants and monstrosities, to save the ship. Dying is seems very much and expectation in this game with enhancements you collect with one character only taking effect on the next, once you’ve died and while the horror game genre is a well subscribed genre on VR at the moment. The game mechanics and procedurally generated environments should make this a good inclusion.

Sparc – PSVR

Marketed as a virtual sport, the trailer really does bring to mind the deadly sports seen in the Tron films. In production by the developers of the EVE game this looks to be something complete different from their previous titles with this one described as a full body sport. It’s reported to have both multi and single player content as well as online matchups.

Transference – Vive, Oculus, PSVR

This game is being released with VR compatibility and appears from the trailer to be a physiological horror. The game has been confirmed by Ubisoft to be a combination of film and game but little more is known of this project at the moment. It’s currently projected for a 2018 release.

Star Child – PSVR

Little is known about this title at the moment. It’s being developed by Playful who developed the Rift Launch title, Lucky’s Tale. The trailer was released during Sony’s E3 showcase and is described as an ‘Immersive new Sci-fi platform adventure’.

All in all, it looks like VR has a lot to offer in 2017 and 18. If you’ve been holding off waiting for a better back catalog then the wait might soon be over.