Over the last couple weeks, there’s been another surge in game releases for PSVR with some highly anticipated titles hitting the PSN store. There have been many hits and the occasional disappointment. Feel free to read on for an overview on which titles to grab and which to avoid in this rush of new PSVR content.

Moss – PSVR – 27 Feb

Moss is a single player, action adventure game and one of only a few VR titles to go for a third person view. From its announcement this game showed promise, and the recent demo included in the PSVR demo disc version 2 only further whetted the PSVR community’s appetite. There have been many disappointments, already, this year with eagerly anticipated games turning out to be less than promised. Thankfully, Moss isn’t one of those.

The game has been released to rave reviews with many reviewers calling it a sign of what lies in VR future. The title’s environments, player immersion and attention to detail have been widely praised. I’ve been looking forward to this title, and if not for the fact that I’m currently estranged from my PSVR on a two week holiday, I’d be playing it right now. Be assured that a review will definitely follow in the next couple of weeks.

If you only have the money for one title in this list then the popular consensus is that this is the one to go for.

Blasters of the Universe – PSVR, Vive, Rift – 27 Feb

A first person, bullet hell VR game, this game was first released on the Vive and Rift through Steam back in august 2017 and is now out for the PSVR. The PC version has remained very well received with positive user ratings on Steam. The reviews for the PSVR version have been no less positive to date with many likening it to superhot, well regarded as a must play for VR.

Unfortunately, due to its release coinciding with Moss, a title that had been anticipated for months by the PSVR community, this title has sadly not been given the exposure it deserves, which is a shame as by all accounts it is a solid and enjoyable game. I’ll certainly be checking out in the coming weeks.

Knockout League – PSVR – 8 March

This VR boxing game was not on my radar at all.  However following its US release it has been attracting some solid reviews and some very positive feedback from fellow PSVR gamers on reddit, who all call it a great sports and workout title for VR. The game involves boxing against some rather unconventional fighters, among them an octopus and a magician, to earn the league title.

With a number of game modes to choose there appears to be decent amount of content and with the full boxing motions including ducking and weaving necessary it is reported to be a good workout. I’m not normally a boxing fan but I’ll certainly be checking this title out soon.

Bravo Team – PSVR – 6 March

Meet one of those… yes, unfortunately, despite being a highly anticipated PSVR title with much sought after Aim support, reviews aren’t looking good for this first person, tactical shooter. Reports are of awkward controls, un-engaging characters and plot, lacklustre game play and a lack of overall content. This isn’t the first disappointment delivered by the developers, Supermassive Games, with the last one being the Inpatient, and fans are not best pleased.

If this title is on your to buy list then you might want to do your bank balance a favour and read a few reviews first, just to make sure you know what you are buying. Unfortunately, unless reports drastically change this title will not be making it into my collection, but please find below a link to a couple of reviews for those who are still pondering over purchasing it.

Eurogamer Review


There are plenty more reviews to find but none of them seem to be good.

VRFC – PSVR, Vive, Rift – 7 March

Yes, finally, football and VR fans can celebrate the launch of a good VR football game. It’s early days with the game only just having released, but the reviews so far are positive if delivered along with warnings that a VR FIFA this is not. The controls reportedly take some getting used to, and the game has to be played using move controllers or the Rift/ Vive equivalent. There is no DS4 support. It is also currently online, multiplayer only with no single player content, although that is reported to be in development. Nevertheless, the reviews have been positive stated that after a slightly sharp learning curve the controls make sense and allow fluid and enjoyable play.

This title is fully cross platform, allowing PSVR and PCVR gamers to play together, and the game is also very social with communication between players key to a successful game. If you enjoy a bit football and want a bit more immersion than a flat screen title can give then this game might just be for you.