Ubisoft’s action adventure title Watch Dogs 2 is free to download and keep from the Epic Games Store until 4pm this Thursday, 24th September. Set in a fictional version of the San Francisco Bay area, you control hacker Marcus Holloway as he battles to take down a new city-wide security system ctOS. This open world game lets you traverse the city, hacking the system and saving innocent citizens from the system’s corruption.

On release, the title received generally favourable reviews and garnered praise for its improvements on the original title. Real hackers were consulted to develop the game’s new hacking mechanics and a new protagonist was introduced, as players complained the original’s main character was shallow and uninteresting. Watch Dog’s 2 new protagonist had a much better reception as being personable, philosophical and quite light-hearted. However, issues were raised with his involvement some of the game’s scenes and events as the actions seemed out of character, mainly scenes of the mindless gunning down of unfortunate security guards. Despite a few technical issues, now fixed, most agree that Watch Dogs 2 is a great game and well worth the effort of a free download.

Feel free to check out the trailer at the top of the article for glimpse of what the game has to offer.