Last year we created outfits based on comic book characters. Back then, in May 2014, we decided to set the focus on the good guys and the theme of justice. We shot our favorite superheroes – including Batman, Wonder Woman and Hit-Girl. But this year we wanted something different: bolder, more evil. With our “Weeks of Gotham”, we entered the gates of the comic book universe once again, but this time in a mischievous way. And where do you find the best villains? But in Gotham, of course. We have chosen our favorite and some of the most popular villains of the Batman franchise, to show that Gotham is more than just justice and Wayne Enterprises. We were inspired by the upcoming film “Suicide Squad” (2016) directed by David Ayer, the running TV series “Gotham” and, of course, our love for the Batman universe in movies, Tv Series and comic books in general.

We invited three lovely guest-hipsters to portray three of our favorite villains and thus formed our very own suicide squad. First of all: Svenja – with her bright purple hair and cheeky grin, she was our first choice to portray the most popular and most anticipated villain: The Joker. G’s university friend Diane was asked if she wanted to mime the crazy and bright Riddler alias Edward Nigma and immediately said yes. As did Jeanne, who was the perfect choice for the shy yet radical Penguin. Our squad was  almost ready to rumble. In addition to our guest-hipsters, G portrayed Two-Face alias Harvey Dent, L was our beloved Harley Quinn and Y mimed the seductive Poison Ivy.

When we met at Y’s flat, we put our outfits on clothes rails, created one big makeup station and started discussing the looks for everyone.When all outfits, hairdo and makeups styles were decided, we started working on all the characters at once. We started with our guest-hipsters and found a great location with various options for all three characters and started shooting. After round one, we went back to Y’s flat to get ready for the second run, which we shot in the community back yard. All this time we were filmed by our friends Rouven and Sissy, who create our beautiful look-book videos.

The Joker, the most mysterious villain and the main antagonist in the Batman franchise is characterized by his look even more than his reluctant personality. His look is one of a kind and just as significant as his bloody smile. He loves an outrageous outfit, which is why we combined a purple tutu skirt with yellow tights. A simple purple basic shirt and a black blazer will make the outfit more casual for everyday wearing. The spiky silver-black earrings are amazing eye-catcher and fit perfectly with the silver knuckle-duster. Go for dark green nail polish to resume the colour of the leather belt. The black shoes are fancy and casual at the same time. Combine green and purple in your eye makeup, but keep it classy on the lips: Even if you’re the Joker – a Chelsea smile isn’t really casual! You can put on some bloody red lipstick to get close to it. Harley Quinn’s signature colours are red and black, which are really easy to combine in a cool biker look. A pair of leggings in two colours with a long red shirt and a fake leather jacket are a great combination for this jokester. Since the buttons of the jacket are silver, you should go for silver accessories too – like a statement necklace or a big ring. Even the boots are studded with silver details. The accessories are representing her true inner self: full of blood and pain. So we have chosen red earrings and, of course, blood nail polish. The thirst of blood is also shown on the eyelids. A nice smokey-eye in black hues over bright red and bright red lips with metallic sheen will finish the killer-look. Poison Ivy is seduction, life and death. Most of the time, her signature look is barely naked and sexy as heck, but we wanted to show, that her outfit can be more than ‘less is sexy’. This Pin Up inspired retro look consists of a green skater dress and red tights. The broad waistband emphasized her curves and gives the look a 50s/60s vibe. A golden feathery earring to emphasize her freedom and love for nature and a bold red ring are the only accessories our Poison Ivy wears. Sparkling green nail polish reminds of the poison she produces and the green bootlets let her walk on greens everywhere she goes. A soft green smokey eyes effect combined with sparkling red lips is the perfect look for a green succubus like Poison Ivy! The Riddler, just like all good villains, has his own signature colour: to make sure nobody will miss him, he prefers to dress himself in a bright and shiny green. To show his elegant side, our interpretation wears a long vintage dress, great for any semi-formal occasion. One thing cannot be missed: the famous question mark! We decided to put it on the fingernail in bright green on a dark purple. You can also find the sub-colour purple on the feet, wearing cute purple pumps – and around her neck, with this sparkly statement necklace. Green and purple are his signature colours, so they can’t be missed from the makeup. These two colours shimmer on her eyes like a second skin. Nuanced carefully and blended out to the point, you can wear extreme colours like this everyday. To complete her makeup, The Riddler wears a light pink on her lips, to enhance the sly smirk. The man with the two faces, a coin with two sides, the contrast. Two-Face aka. Harvey Dent loves to play with his two personalities, so our interpretation wears black and white striped leggings and a simple black skirt in combination with a white blouse. To represent his damaged face in an everyday fashion, we choose a bright blue blazer. Our super villain needs only one true accessory: It’s the coin that you can find everywhere on the body: earrings, bracelet and of course in the hands. To remember the acid blue skin, we decided to wear bright blue nail polish. In combination you can wear a dark blue on the eyelids, blended out into a soft smokey-eye with neutral colours. Two-Face likes bright and shiny red lips, to show everyone the blood of Gotham. He is shy, conservative and an awful genius – The Penguin aka. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot is certainly one of a kind. Despite his personality which is vivid and impulsive, his look is more classy and elegant. A combination of blouse, vest and miniskirt creates the perfect business look reminiscent of 20s mobster without relying on a classic powersuit. Important to round off the look are the right accessories – clean cut jewellery in white and silver, nude nail polish and of course: highly polished shoes with killer heels! And don’t forget The Penguin’s signature umbrella and bowler hat! Porcelain tint and understated makeup is important for the eery look of The Penguin. A classic finger-wave completes the retro look and makes for a real eye-catcher! For more information on the each looks, our creative process and the products we used on set, you can visit our main blog, watch our YouTube look books or contact us for any questions you might have. We always enjoy chatting with our readers and are happy to talk about our work.

The blog project HIPSTERFANGIRLFASHION shows fashionable interpretations of our favorite characters from popular fandoms. On a sidetrack to the popular cosplay-scene, we wanted to do something different: create wearable, everyday outfits.