Europe has an extremely lively Steampunk movement: EuroSteamCon is a Europe-wide event that tries to cross-link during a set segment of time with as many countries as possible, for instance Skype events shared on the same days during especially organised gatherings and cons. 

In 2013, the organisers of the Barcelona chapter went to great lengths to make a documentary compiled of short video clips sent in by Steampunks from around the globe, in which they were to answer the question: “What does Steampunk Mean to You?” The aim was to showcase as many different cultural interpretations of Steampunk activities as possible.

It appears the 2015 edition of EuroSteamCon will be spread out over several months; any European countries’ Steampunk representative who wishes to participate is free to do so here.

EuroSteamCon Logo

The first Steampunk Hands Around the World event took place the following year, a brainchild of Airship Ambassador Kevin D. Steil. The central themes were Community and Friendship.

The idea was to link as many real-life and online events, blogs, articles and podcasts from all over the world for the duration of one month, in order to expand the Steamverse beyond the bounds of Western-Centricity. For more on the Steampunk Hands Around the World initiative visit

In his own words the Ambassador explains: “Steampunk Hands Around the World is a month long celebration of the global steampunk community, presented by nearly one hundred steampunk creators from around the world. Our community is an energetic force of creativity, education, and aspiration, which deserves to be expressed, shared, and valued by each and every one of us, every day. Our friends and compatriots, known and not-yet-met, create the stories we read, make the fashions and accessories we wear, perform the music we hear, and construct the art we see. All of this, together, creates the experiences and inspirations we enjoy together. This grand collaboration makes our steam-nation possible, not just to exist but to thrive.”

The shenanigans of Steampunk Hands 2015 will be covered in an upcoming article.

Participating as Steampunk India was a real pleasure and by the end of February 2004 I had made some great new friends as far flung as Chile, Hawaii and Borneo.

On the last day, I decided to wrap up by posting the short video I shot for EuroSteamCon, as it seemed to perfectly encapsulate what I had delighted most in during Steampunk Hands: a wider horizon, diverse perspectives and a true glimmer of the possibility of a global Steampunk community, with India occupying a firmly rooted place in the Steamverse.

Steampunk India video for EuroSteamcon 2013

Suna Dasi

Suna Dasi is a passionate geek with a pen. Her profession as a singer has taken her all over the world. She currently records and performs with Texan artist Erin Bennett. Being a woman in the creative industries led her to co-found female film and music production company Art Attack Films/Attack Agency. Two of her short stories are due to appear in anthologies in 2016.