Happy Halloween!

Or Happy Shade’s Eve as it is on Nexus. Yes, it was unfortunately cut from Wildstar’s development last year but here it is and I think it was well worth the wait. The Shade’s Eve seasonal event comes with quite a substantial list of additions. A new single/multi player instance has been added, which is suitably Halloweeny with haunted woods, a demonic ritual and a flash light that keeps breaking at the worst possible moment.

It can be a bit challenging for characters under level 50, as while they will be temporarily boosted to take part in the scenario, it doesn’t quite make up for the difference in gear. My level 50 could fly through the whole instance without dying once. However, my two lower level characters did struggle and died many times, mainly due to insufficient dps. However, it is possible to complete it with any character over level 10.

The main cities have also all been decorated to match the season, with pumpkins and skulls and all sorts of morbid decor. It creates a rather interesting contrast in the more fantasy themed areas, but I think it works pretty well.

There’s also a whole host of other quests to do from throwing rotten eggs at hooligans to frightening NPC festival goers. Completed Shade’s Eve quests reward you with a seasonal currency which you can then use to buy special seasonal items, such as costumes, decor items and other bits and pieces. You can see a sample modeled by the lovely Lady Ariashina and her housing plot below:

So if you’re bored this Halloween then why not give it a try? It is free, after all.