As usual feel free to either watch the video or to read the article below and either way, make sure you’re wearing a nice thick winter coat because it’s cold in Nexus right now.

If you missed Wildstar’s festive event then here is a roundup. Like with the Halloween event, the two main cities were given a festive facelift for the Christmas period with ice, snow and presents galore. A collection of new quests were added, most in the spirit of the season such as fixing snow blowers and delivering presents, and some in the spirit of profit, such as making it rain on reluctant consumers to, um, persuade them to buy those winter warmers. The quests cycle with a different selection each day, and each completed one rewards with festive currency, ColdCash, which you can use to buy seasonal items including toys, mounts, costumes and decor items.

Rather than the season of good will, Winterfest represents Protostar’s season of good profit, the main figure being Papa T Phineas Rotostar and don’t expect him to be giving presents away for free because for Protostar the season is all about profit, profit and more profit. But if you help him in that endeavour then there’s some juicy loot available, if you don’t mind ripping off the gullible and desperate which I’m totally against, by the way. Ah wait… There’s rowsdower slippers and a snow globe for my housing plot? On second thought, spending is what keeps an economy healthy and I’m sure Protostar’s heart is in the right place… sort of…

As well as two seasonal costumes to collect, there’s a seasonal dungeon/adventure the Protostar Great SuperMall-in-the-Sky. It seems that even for Protostar profit doesn’t come easy with their shopping mall plagued with dire, profit affecting disasters which you’re tasked with setting right. These are randomised and so you’re unlikely to be doing the same selection of tasks should you run the dungeon again, which adds some much needed longevity because if you want to stock up on all the festive rewards then redoing the dungeon time and time again is the fastest way to accumulate vast amounts of festive coin. However, you can also buy all the seasonal items with NCcoins and Omnibits in the in-game store, if grinding currency isn’t for you.

There’s also a host of new housing decor items available. Like the Halloween event, some of the items are available through the normal housing plot vendor for the regular in-game currency and some can only be bought from the seasonal vendor with ColdCash. I managed to give one of my character’s housing plot a nice festive makeover without too much effort and without needing to resort to spending real money. So while Protostar might be shamelessly driving the profit machines over the festive period, NCsoft seemed to be a little more giving, although without a doubt there’s plenty to spend real money on in their store, if you’re not into farming Omnibits and ColdCash. And if you missed the seasonal event then they seem to be keeping the festive items in the store a little longer, but those can also be purchased with Omnibits as well as real money.

All in all, I found this event a good bit of festive fun and unlike Christmas, it didn’t actually cost me anything.