Zombasite, Soldak Entertainment’s latest title, has been announced to leave beta and go into full release on August 23rd. Zombasite is an action RPG set in a randomly generated world. The aim is to survive by forming a clan and either allying or annihilating enemy clans. The beta version was released back in October 2015 and since then the development team have been busy making over 600 changes. As a result of these changes the team have also released a new demo version of the game which can be found here. So if you’d like to give it a try, prior to release, then here’s your opportunity.

For an overview of the game and what it offers, see below:

  • A fascinating blend of fantasy RPG and zombie survival horror.
  • Choose from one of eight different preset classes in the character creation screen, or create a hybrid of your own.
  • Large randomly generated worlds to explore.
  • A detailed political system and numerous clans to command, ally, trade with or annihilate.
  • Numerous NPCs to recruit and manage each with their own skills and personalities.
  • A multiplayer feature that allows you to adventure with your friends.
  • A range of different play modes for added challenge, for if you’re hardcore and you find the game’s not difficult enough already.

If you missed my beta review and would like to check it out, then you can find the link here. A lot of improvements have been made during the beta, so, upon release, I’ll be posting a new article looking back at the comments of my Beta review and comparing it with the released version. Until then, you’d better start planning your zombie apocalypse survival strategy, because it’s coming. I’ve already got my table booked at the Winchester and my record collection on standby, just in case.