We are on a journey to discover the sci-fi and fantasy movies that won the Oscar Award, from 1929 until today in the five main categories (Best Picture, director, actor, actress and screenplay).

The Story so far:
1933 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The 14th Academy Awards ceremony took place on Thursday, February 26, 1942 at the Biltmore Bowl of the Biltmore Hotel, awarding movies released in 1941.

Writing (Screenplay): Here Comes Mr. Jordan – Sidney Buchman, Seton I. Miller

This Fantasy, romantic comedy, follows the life of boxer Joe Pendleton, who dies 50 years too soon due to a heavenly mistake. Since his body has been already cremated, he is given that of Bruce Farnsworth, a millionaire playboy, who has just been murdered by his wife. Sounds fun to me!

Film critic Theodore Strauss wrote on The New York Times, “… Columbia has assembled its brightest people for a delightful and totally disarming joke at heaven’s expense.” Considering that Columbia had serious misgivings about making this movie, things turned out more than alright.

As for other movies, “Lux Radio Theater” broadcast a 60 minute radio adaptation on January 26, 1942 using the actors from the movie in their original parts.

This story of death and reincarnation was followed by two more adaptations, Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty and Down To Earth with Chris Rock.

Oscar Run: Sci-fi 1 – Fantasy 1