From the first clips of Despicable Me, those lovely yellow creatures stole my heart. Don’t get me wrong – the movies are AWESOME but nothing can compete with the minions. The news about a movie only about them gave me thrills you can’t imagine and to wait for it so long (OK, about 2 years but come on) was horrible. The story line is simple but wonderful – you’ll get to see the background of the minions, where they come from and what their aim in life is: to serve the biggest villain on earth. Through decades they found a few masters but somehow – in their own fondly and clumsy way – they always lose them.

After a long time of depression Stuart, Kevin and Bob leave the rest of the minions to find the ultimate villain to work for: Scarlet Overkill.

So charming, so heartwarming…and god, so funny. There have been several times I sat in my theater seat and couldn’t stop laughing. I had tears in my eyes and my stomach hurt from all the funny stuff on the screen. I fell in love with the minions again and again and again… and from now on, my absolute favorite will be Bob! Apart from the ‘usual’ minion jokes, there are a lot allusions you’re going to LOVE (don’t have to tell you that I do).
The look isn’t much different from the Despicable Me movies, so some inventions and weapons will be already known. But the animation is just awesome, as it was in the other movies and without any mistakes – at least I didn’t recognize any because I was too taken by the story.

If all this isn’t enough, the soundtrack is a wonderful, entertaining mix of classics (the Who, Beatles…), compositions of Heitor Pereira and some singing minions (which is awesome).

To sum it up – go watch The Minions! Alright, the story isn’t very sophisticated but WHO CARES? The rest of the movie is just absolutely fun, and entertaining no matter how old you are.

You can trust me! I’ve seen it 3 times already.

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