When IRL Tony Stark, Elon Musk, unveiled his fully-functional space suit last week most sci-fi fans experienced a jolt of excitement. Since the advent of space travel NASA has pretty much kept the astronaut suit the same, save a few alterations here and there. But the sleek and formfitting SpaceX suit is the first time that space attire has looked…well, futuristic. Elon Musk has been responsible for a flood of technology that feels as if it was lifted out of the pages of a science fiction blockbuster. Even SpaceX’s successful Falcon-9 rocket was named after Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon! It’s an exciting time to watch emerging technology develop, and our senior years may be spent living in a universe that looks like it was created by George Lucas. But did you know about the movies set in the future that accurately predicted this existing technology? The following infographic outlines technology predictions from pop culture that came true!