Not the World I knew

Written by Steve Rogers

I thought I dreamed this reality

                                  But how could I possibly create the manic rush

People fleeting through their times

                                Of constant purchases and mobile phones stuck

To their faces; I was a superhero                       CAPTAIN AMERICA WILL SAVE US!!!

                                    I told them superheroes don’t exist

Because there was nothing super

                                About not being able to save everyone

Mouths tearing and ripping with screams and tears

                                          Hope dying in their arms

The war was hidden this time

                              It wasn’t bombs and guns and bullets

It was worse than that

                               The world has forgotten how to live

They are at war with society

Not Giving Up

I cracked my selfish pity

And headed onwards (It was the only action I could take)

After Peggy told me to pull myself together

Her eyes sparkled for the last time

That was my way through

The hectic push of today

Needed Captain America

So, that’s who I need to be

But, he needs Steve Rogers to steer him clear

Otherwise, he will sink and swim

And Iron Man would love that

Which I just can’t have

Daughter of the Gods

Seeking New Ground

Written By Wonder Woman

Slashing swords breaks the heart but not the mind. Armour of steel protects the body but not the soul. When I learned how to fight, I didn’t know what it was for. I was empty in my love  for those who taught me. Survival? Was that it? I knew I was strong enough to live another day.

But secrets were kept and I was not trusted. Knowledge I knew was mine was hidden away. Could I not understand what was meant for me? I distanced myself from my people. That hurt me the most. I felt I couldn’t trust them. Later, I learned they were the only people I could.

New Territory

When soldiers arrived, they brought death and ignorance. I lost my senses as the bullets shattered flesh and pulverised bones. I took a chance and headed to another world. Everything was darker and fulll and grey. Even the sky had lost its joy.

I couldn’t understand why people did what they did to each other. Malicious intent and bloodied brawls over fermented fruits and red-lipped girls. But I saw those who fought with honour and bravery.

They gave me hope. But it wasn’t enough. And I still lost. Their world is saved and my love is gone. But only a part of him. He is always here. There are people worth saving. I will always be Wonder Woman until my time is right.

Spider Superheroes

Superheroes Exist

Written by Peter Parker

So, I’m writing a poem… Can I write it this way or are there rules? Scratch that, never mind. I make my own rules. I’m Peter Parker, ruler of the… web? No, shhh, secret identity! Gotta keep it hidden. I don’t usually write poems but my English teacher is making us try new things. And poetry seemed like the easiest. And you don’t have to write a lot.

I thought I could write about my adventures as Spider-Man. Because, it’s the most exciting. So, here we go. I’m red and blue in the night. Swinging with stickiness and leaping from rooftops like a … well, you would think a spider. But, spiders don’t really swing. I mean, I guess some do. Like the jumping spider. But generally they don’t swing from leaf from leaf. Monkeys do that. But… no.

Uh, Do I Carry On?

I think I need to write more. I don’t want to have to redo this. Not that I’m not enjoying it. Anyway, I lumber against the skyscrapers of New York, fighting crime and saving people from some serious bad-ass villians.

Wait, shouldn’t this rhyme? Damn. When I need a helping hand, my friend Ned is always on stand. He’s my bestest bud and is becoming quite a stud. That’s right, isn’t it? I think it is. Yeah, I’m getting this.

When I first met Iron Man, he was so freaking cool but later became a tool. I catched a glimpse of Black Widow a while back which made me lose track. The giant Ant-Man almost splattered me so I don’t think I’ll be asking him round for tea. I don’t even drink tea but let’s go with it.

Hang on, I’ve just written a poem about my secret identity for a homework assignment. What am I doing? I’m going to have to share this in class. I can’t write about my secret identity, that’s kind of the whole point. Do I really have to start again? Aw, man.