Suzy Vadori,  an YA author in Calgary is being nominated for an Aurora Award as recognized by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association

Suzy is making waves in the world of fantasy fiction with her Young Adult books. Her debut novel, The Fountain (Evil Alter Ego Press, 2015), was an Aurora Award Finalist in 2016. Book 2 in The Fountain Series, titled ‘The West Woods,’ came out in September 22, 2017. Also published by Evil Alter Ego Press, the initial reaction of the new novel has been stellar with recommendations that magic has been created through words a second time. The West Woods has already been awarded a 5-Star seal from Readers’ Favorite.

Suzy has been described as a force of nature by her author peers, and is helping to shape the writing community in Calgary. Leveraging her twenty-year career as an operations executive, Suzy has worked tirelessly with local festival, When Words Collide, to grow their Middle Grade and Young Adult programming track to ten times its size over the past five years. When Words Collide is a multi-genre festival for readers and writers held in Calgary each August.

“I looked around for a community of Young Adult writers in Calgary and I didn’t find what I was looking for,” says Suzy Vadori, “so I set out to build it. Five years later, we have a community that reaches across Canada and into the U.S.A. of Young Adult authors who can collaborate and share. The world of publishing is changing daily. No one writer can keep on top of all the aspects. Community is key. I look forward to being an active participant in shaping the future of publishing in North America alongside my colleagues.”

The West Woods is the story of a regular teen who turns to magic to help her achieve her goals. She becomes bound to her ambition and turns to desperate measures to keep her life intact. It’s a novel about friendship, romance and mystery, wrapped up in magic.

Suzy Vadori is an Operations Executive by day, writer by night. The Fountain Series is her debut series for young adults and is published by Evil Alter Ego Press. Book 1 in the series, The Fountain, has been shortlisted for a 2016 Aurora Award for Best Young Adult Novel. Book 2, The West Woods, releases September 22, 2017 and has already been awarded a 5-Star seal from Readers’ Favorite.

Suzy is an involved member of the Calgary writers’ community, serving as the Program Manager of Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction for When Words Collide (WWC) since 2013. WWC is a festival for readers and writers held in Calgary each August. She lives with her husband and three kids in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Information about Suzy can be found at: