The October patch for Civilization 6, which has just been released, adds a new multi player scenario for all Civilization 6 players. Anyone who owns the base game will be able to play this new scenario which has players taking the role of Pirate kings. The scenario can be played by 1-4 players, lasts for 60 turns and has players pillaging ships, cities and treasures while building their fleets in a bid to become the richest and most powerful pirate king. As well as the rival pirate kings, players will also be up against three of the four AI controlled civilisations, who will be battling for control of the map. Each player will be allied with one of the AI civilisations at random. Any pirate king who loses all their units is eliminated from the game.

This new Pirates scenario was inspired by one of Sid Meier’s other games of the same name. Many of Civilization 6’s usual game play has been reworked for this scenario to allow players to concentrate on naval play. At only 60 turns, it’s quite a short scenario and in the games I’ve played, most AI rivals seem to struggle to make it to the end of the game, with most losing to the mutiny mechanic which happens if a player runs out of money. So, if you want a challenge, then you’ll likely be better playing online or with friends.

This is just one of many scenarios added to Civilization 6 over the years and shows the development team’s drive to push forward the range of content this long running and popular franchise can support. If you have the base game then this is a free update which is well worth checking out.