As of tomorrow, Din’s Legacy’s Early Access period will be at an end as the title hits full release. For those who aren’t familiar with the Din’s franchise, the games are action RPGs set in procedurally generated fantasy worlds. Along with a potentially infinite number of different worlds, there are also lots of different scenarios and win/ lose conditions which gives each play through a wonderful amount of variety.

The game also offers a fantastic array of character customisation choices with the new mutation points and skills allowing you to blur the line between the traditional fantasy classes. A new explorer difficulty setting has also been added which allows players to fully explore the procedurally generated worlds. There is a trade off in terms of pacing, but the explorer difficulty is perfect for people new to the game or for those who, like me, just hates to leave a map not fully explored or side quests uncompleted. If you have tried previous games and found it too fast paced to get to grips with then this is the title to give another try, as the explorer difficulty will ease you in more gradually. You can always up the difficulty when you’re ready for more challenge.

If you want to know more then feel free to check out the trailer linked at the top of the article. You can buy the game for PC on the steam store. A full written review, hopefully along with a video review, should be getting posted here next week. So feel free to check back then.