With only a few days to go, there is still time to prepare for a mad weekend of excitement at Edinburgh Comic Con.

The official con booklet, inclusive of floor plans, is finally out and you can access it here.  You’ll find the full guest list, the exhibitor locations and of course the panels scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.

A few words from the organisers, concerning the queuing system and tickets:

“It is STRONGLY recommended that attendees purchase tickets in advance of the event. Although we will keep prices the same on the door, your time spent queuing will greatly increase.

Tickets can be bought via www.heroconventions.com


You will be allowed to wait in the entrance hall, for access to the event at 9.30am.


Pre-purchased tickets will queue to the right-hand side (as facing inwards) of the entrance. We will start to exchange tickets for passes in advance of the doors opening, which will greatly ease your access to the venue when doors open at 10am.


People paying on the day will queue to the left-hand side (as facing inwards) of the entrance. The cash desk will be located within the entrance hall, and will open at 11am.

Access for people paying on the day will be granted in accordance with available space within the venue.


Payment at the door is cash only, as there will be no debit or credit card facilities available. The cost of admission will remain the same, but admission time is longer than buying your ticket in advance.

Also, should you pre-purchase your ticket in advance, but show up half way through the day, you will only be allowed access in accordance with available space within the venue.”

We will be there to cover the con for you, and if you bump into us, say hi!